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Anyone have a spare $200 Million USD?

Harry Kadi
Harry Kadi | Jan 26, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

How's it going Project Everest Team?

Yesterday we had a possibly game-changing meeting with the secretary to the governor of Siem Reap. We went in hoping to gain insight into the energy situation in Cambodia and ask some questions regarding some of our possible solutions (please see other posts) and get his opinion on their viability. However, he was more interested in discussing the huge 150MW solar array the government is planning on building on Siem Reap. While the project was apparently agreed to be Chinese-funded, no contract has been signed, and he was essentially asking if we would like to invest instead for a small price of $200 000 000 USD. Even after giving the Project Everest spiel and giving him an official document on our purpose, he still must have thought we were a large western company. He was straight to the point, directly asking how much capital PE has within the first two minutes of the meeting. His position is very biased as a high up government official, so we need


This meeting raises a pretty game-changing question:

Is the project worth continuing if a large power source capable of producing enough power for the entire Siem Province?


His position is very biased as a high up government official, and so we need to make sure we remember that is facts might not be 100% true. What we need to do now is to validate his claims and re-evaluate the project if they are true and figure out what this means for us. We would like to ask your opinion on our direction if his facts are true and maybe effective ways to validate claims made by a biased government official.


Thanks, Guys :)


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