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Bailey Bond
Bailey Bond | Jan 25, 2017 | in Knowledge Base


Walking into January our team all shared the a sense of confusion in regards to the direction of the project. Our team didn’t know each other from a grain of salt, and two of our team members were not at the same trekker training as the other three. Walking in what seemed at the time to be a scary, strange and unfamiliar country. Sharing a room with 5 other people, eating, sleeping and working together often could spell disaster, but this is the trekker life and we all love each other for it. 


When faced with the task of tackling the United Nations sixth international sustainability goal of water and sanitation, our team wondered how our team could be the cog in the wheel to making sure that this goal can be met in Timor-Leste. After learning about the project in our first week and understanding what the current focus of the operation was our team was able to understand the insurance and ‘Pluber’ model and their positioning within the Timorese community. It was decided as a team that the Insurance model should be the direction of the project and would be how we would take our month. 


By the end of week two our team was able to uncover the future direction of this project through the business model. The two gear approach to the insurance model allows for an ongoing preventative maintenance to occur across the subscriber platform with it forming the core of the business operation. Congruently and as an added benefit to our subscriber base, the organisation will continue to assist in large scale repairs to households for a premium. After understanding the project and its newly founded sense of direction, our team was able to work most effectively towards achieving the goals associated to the model.


Whilst going this process of discovery, our team was able to continue our contact and relationship building across organisations in Dili. We were able to continue our work in building long lasting relationships with government organisations, in particular Mr. Nahak the chief technical officer for water and sanitation. Our relationships with all three training institutions across Dili are stronger than ever before with a significant motivation between all parties to collaborate. Other significant leads pursued throughout this month include Mr. Gustavo da Cruz National Directorate for Water Supply in regards to obtaining statistical data about water infrastructure in Timor-Leste. 


We have engaged with Don Bosco, Tibar & SENAI-Becora who are the three big players in Timor-Leste for technical training which graduate plumbers. The strong relationship formed with the Principles of these institutions are one that will be eternally vital for the success of the operation with continued collaboration and the future possibility of utilising their students as apprentices in our business will be critical. 


Surveying and opinion polling used a significant amount of the time during the month of January. Although we were able to understand water infrastructure problems that exist in Timor-Leste as well as the attitudes towards our model through continued empathising, we were not able to obtain as large of a sample size as what would have been preferred. 


A significant moment for the project was the invitation to attend the ‘Water Forum’. This is a bi-monthly forum between the significant water based stakeholders in Timor-Leste. Chaired by Mr. Nahak, his call to the other organisations in the room to continue collaboration and the sharing of information between each other and to work with Project Everest to achieve our goals. At this point in time we were also offered the opportunity to present at the water forum at the start of March, which is an exciting potential for the February team to organise to have either an Intern or a TL/GL to present after the trekker’s leave. 


Our team has had an incredible time in country working on the Water Infrastructure Initiative and is extremely proud of the progress that we have made on our project. We look forward to watching this project grow and shape into its full potential. The January team wishes the February team and beyond all the best, and venture on!

Natasha Ricardo Jan 25, 2017

Nice work guys! Just wondering how many more surveys you guys managed to get?

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Edan Baker Jan 29, 2017

Nice job team! Just curious about some of the limitations you met when trying to achieve a larger sample size?

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Amber Johnston Jun 20, 2017

Status changed to Previous Work

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