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(Account removed) | Jan 24, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

The Fiji fuel team has been working hard this month and hustling to empathise some more and to finally define the fuel issues in Fiji.

To give a quick overview about fuel, the team has prepared a fuel information pack for future trekkers that includes:

  • What is Fuel
  • What types of fuel are there
  • What is Fuel like in Fiji
  • What are the fuel related issues in Fiji
  • What companies are there that are around the fuel industry in Fiji

Which is attached at the bottom of this post. 

The team has also created lots of problem maps, ecosystem maps and empathy maps to delve into what the real issues are that we have viewed in the inland villages. We have therefore defined the Fuel issue in Fiji as:

"There are problems within Fijian inland villages, relating to the time used to collect, use and dispose of the fuels that are consumed in cooking, as well as the costs involved in transportation and use of certain fuels"

For the February team, we have summed up this issue into a how might we for direction which is said as:

"How might we develop a cost effective solution, that aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, that aims to eliminate smoke emissions, reduce the high price of cooking fuels such as kerosene and reduce the overall cooking time, so that Fijian Villagers no longer have issues whilst cooking."


We are reaching out to the PE community to see what they think could be potential solutions around cooking stoves to our "how might we" and the defined issue of fuel usage around the home in Fiji! 


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