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How Might We? - Energy Assessment Cambodia

Harry Kadi
Harry Kadi | Jan 24, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Hey PE!

Written below is our how might we statement that we have defined during the define stage of the design thinking process. We thought you guys would appreciate an update of what's going down in Siem Reap :) 


How might we develop a modular product or service that aligns with the UN sustainable development goals, which will improve access to affordable, clean, safe and reliable energy, as well as educate the local population on available renewable energy sources?


Thanks for reading! 

Edan Baker Jan 24, 2017

This seems like a pretty broad define statement! Can totally sympathise as part of the water team though.

Are there any smaller define statements for more specific issues you've discovered?

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Amber Johnston Jun 20, 2017

Status changed to Previous Work

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Mark Carlton 5 months ago

This production centers around the key speculation needs of ADB in the vitality area of Cambodia. It features segment execution, need advancement requirements, government plans and methodologies, and ADB's past and future help.

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