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Harry Kadi
Harry Kadi | Jan 23, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

What's up PE team? 

We need some outside opinions on our small scale solar idea!

So our basic plan is to have a modular solar, battery and charging kit in one package that is sold for less than $100 USD. It will be used to supplement the existing but unreliable government power grid but could also be used to give small amounts of power to homes that are completely off the grid. Here is our SWOT analysis of the idea:

Strengths: The product is highly adaptable and can be easily transported while maintaining a relatively high energy output. It comes with no ongoing costs to the consumer and is highly suited to the energy usage patterns of the typical Cambodian family.  As well as this it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

Weaknesses: The upfront cost of solar panel technology, although falling, is still quite high compared to fossil fuel alternatives which may prove a barrier to customers with little disposable income. The technology is also weather dependent, however with grid electricity as a backup and the Cambodian climate offering consistent sunshine year round this is a minor issue.

Opportunities: Every day there is more than enough sunlight energy striking Cambodian land to provide constant electricity to entire nation. By tapping into this unused energy source, consumers with a small financial investment be able to eradicate the ongoing costs of electricity bills as they are rewarded with a free energy source.  An investment in solar technology would reap both immediate and long-term benefits for all stakeholders involved as the world embraces the age of renewable energy.  

Threats: The fossil fuel industry holds large sway in world politics and any large scale solar may be seen as a threat to their established market. Our product should be small enough scale in order to avoid this barrier.


Thanks for reading! Comment your thoughts and concerns.

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Matthew Cascio Jan 23, 2017

Here is our SWOT table for Small Scale Solar

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Matthew Cascio Jan 23, 2017

Here is our feasibility ranking for Small Scale Solar

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Jessica Stephanie Arvela Jan 23, 2017

How did you determine these weighting and criteria?

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Jessica Stephanie Arvela Jan 23, 2017

How did you determine this weighting and criteria?

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Jessica Stephanie Arvela Jan 23, 2017

Good one. I am sure you have already looked into Pollinate Energy. Their success in this field is based on their highly scalable business model, which has empowered multiple locals, within multiple communities. It's different in the fact that they offer a specific product [a light source powered by solar]. It may be of benefit to replicate their concept of local independent entrepreneurs [which would increase the inherent value of the product and service] and/or inquire into their gains and pains regarding their portable and affordable source of off grid power.

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Ciaran Hoare Jan 23, 2017

Awesome idea guys!
Do you have any more information of the specifics of your solution? What kind of use will this have for an end goal user? Are you thinking phones and laptops, or entire houses? And what will that mean in terms of the required capacity compared to cost of the unit?

I think a unit like this will definitely have some ongoing cost (maintenance etc.) and the feasibility of such in regards to the user will depend upon how much they understand about the system, and how much they value the system.
If you're using it as a backup to mains power, perhaps its inherent value may not warrant ongoing maintenance for lower income users? How long would it be before a user "breaks even" on their investment? compare this to what's currently on the market. If people pay little to nothing for electricity now, how will you convey the value of your product? In Australia people make money from larger solar panels, because they put more back into the grid than they use. Could you adopt or adapt an idea like that?

Can you also elaborate a bit more on the scalability of your product? How would you prepare growth and scale independent of current resources?

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Amber Johnston Jun 20, 2017

Status changed to Under Review

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Wade Tink Jul 2, 2018

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