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Irene Jaguru
Irene Jaguru | Jan 20, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Hi all!

During the past two weeks and a half, I have assisted to complete tasks in the pursuit of reaching the monthly goals and daily activities.

 I assisted draft the presentation lead by Anastacia Renda during the first week to be presented to Caitlin Plunkett from Trailblazer. Anastacia, Alana Walsh and myself were involved in presenting to Caithlin and Ratanak about ProjectEverest and what FarmEd intends to do. My part in the presentation involved explaining what Project Everest is and the methodologies we employed to gain credible information. The meeting went well with both Caithlin and Ratanak feeling enthused and willing to pattern with FarmEd.

In attempts to gain contacts, I have approached restaurant manager at the peace café to link the with their fruit and vegetable suppliers. Additionally, I have sent few emails to for profit organisations, NGOs and restaurant owner to source information about agricultural practices and locate farmers.

Gao Xufei, Vickey Deng and myself approached a farmer and that lead to going to her farm and meeting Cheath Chea an educator in agriculture. Cheath was an invaluable contact as he showed us around different farms in his village and the various methods they utilize to grow crops. He also reiterated what we had previously heard about farmer’s resistance to follow the modern agricultural techniques.

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