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Three weeks working summary

Fang Deng
Fang Deng | Jan 20, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Hi all, I am Vicky from January Farm-Ed project. During the time in Cambodia, our team has continued working on the application design, business plan and try to talk with more farmers to collect useful information.


What I have done:


Week 1:


Be familiar with the secondary target market (lower income farmers) and work on a potential business model for them. This model involves the ways of delivering the agricultural education through our NGOs partners. However we do not have enough information about low income farmers, such as the geographic distribution and their real needs. We also have designed and finished the business model canvas. Therefore future groups might need to collect the information and data to fix the model. Also need to talk with NGOs about how to deliver education to farmers and find feasible solution to achieve this goal.


Week 2:


Contacted with the local farmers – EK and visited their farms. Design the financial budget and simple cash flow, which could be put into the App. Worked with others on the prototype of FarmEd app of financial part. Designed the draft of FarmEd app, customer segment and distribution channels. Finished the draft of the financial package plan and explore some feasible payment methods. Forum could be a bridge to exchange ideas between farmers. And it could promote communication between farmers and consultants in the future. This still need some work on data and information collection. Future groups need figure out the number of potential customers and price setting.


Week 3:


Continue working on the financial stuff. Work with others on the marketing plan. Write the draft framework of financial plan. This still needs future groups to complete and fill out the relevant data. Write the job safety analysis paperwork of Psar Leu Market. On Friday, go to the psar leu market with Irene, Khoen and Nick, to talk to the local. Actually, all the people we talk are vendors and there are some problems need to fix next time. Such as the language barriers, time management and try to find farmers in the market and talk with them. Some agricultural products are input from China, Thailand and Vietnam. Some come from local village, province or markets. Banana and dragon fruit come from Cambodia. We have got some input suppliers’ contact number and company name, future group might need to contact and meet with them. Good translator, time management and team work are important for outside investigation!! Before you go to the market, talk with the translator to make sure he/she would helpful for us. Also see the market to decide the potential people plan to talk. It would save time and more efficiency.


My goals for next week:


Write a plan which involves the purpose, aims and questions before visiting farmers. After visiting write impact assessment. Finish the handout document and video. Also set the goals and future direction to next groups. Have fun and work hard in the final week of project.


 Thanks for reading.


Nicholas needs Jan 23, 2017

Hi Vicky,
I really like your final paragraph. i think this needs to be taken on board for all new future trekkers when getting out and involved with the community as it develops context around the project but also how our impact with that activity will impact community, individuals and also the culture. This should really be reinforced as part of process of evaluating the work we do, why we do it and how we can measure it.
Looking forward to your final week summary :)

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