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Cambodian Farm Ed Prototype - Like for Like x

Ned Loneragan
Ned Loneragan | Jan 20, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

To mark the end our third week in country Farm Ed Cambodia took to the farmer’s markets to test out our new app prototype. The prototype is a quick visual rundown of a proposed model for the premium app subscription. Whilst it is not fully functional, we hope to use it to gain an understanding of how farmers respond and interact with its interface.



Why prototype this model?


After a Skype conversation to Servian it became clear that we didn’t have a full understanding of the exact data we needed and how we should go about collecting it. The suggestion made was to put together this prototype so that they could see in photos what we wanted from the application and how they could help us overcome the issues. The interview also highlighted the possible over complications of using IMB Watson in the initial simple yet effective stages of app development.



How we prototyped our app?


Servian was extremely helpful in recommending tools to assist the team in app prototyping. With little experience in programming or app development, the team complied a series of 41 application screens on the design tool Sketch, using a free user interface kit from UI8. This was then uploaded to Invision to apply hotkeys for an experience that replicates that of a completed app. The programs were extremely user friendly and effective and would be of high recommendation to any team pursuing a similar prototyping goal.


Feel free to scroll through the prototype at:
password: FarmEd

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