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January Energy and Fuel Assessment Summary

Harry Kadi
Harry Kadi | Jan 20, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

When we inherited the project, we were met with a solid foundation of work handed over by the December team which included detailed empathising among members of the Cambodian community, a basic outline defining the main issues at hand as well as a range of plausible solutions for us to research further into.  In building on this work we were able to form a genuine understanding with of the energy situation in Cambodia and from this completely define the problems at hand.  Our team then set to work ideating possible solutions and ranking them in a feasibility matrix which we used to rule out certain options and chose those which merited further research.  From this we began constructing a prototype for a thermoelectric generator.  We would expect the February team to follow on from us by building on our possible solutions and developing further prototypes, in particular for the small scale solar solution which we see as being the most viable of our current options.  From these prototypes, the team could analyse with further scrutiny the potential of each solution as they delve deeper into the logistics of each product and its business potential.    



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Matthew Cascio Jan 20, 2017

Looking good team!

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Darren D'Souza Jan 22, 2017

Hi Harry,

Great work by the Cambodia team! You mentioned that the team is now on to prototyping the solution, was wondering how you guys defined the actual problem?

Obviously you're focusing on energy rather than fuel but what was the target market? Is the team aiming at catering the solution to all villagers of Cambodia, or is just to a set amount such as the more well off villagers in Phnom Penh or Siem Riep?

The Fiji team is looking at reaching the defining stage by the end of this week so looking for possible avenues to pursue,


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Amber Johnston Jun 20, 2017

Status changed to Previous Work

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