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Alana Walsh
Alana Walsh | Jan 19, 2017 | in Knowledge Base



Over the past week we have been looking at the 4 Ps of marketing: promotion, price, place and product.


This month, promotion for FarmEd has taken place in the form of empathising with farmers, vendors and NGOs. We have identified some of the problems that are experienced on farms in Siem Reap including pests, diseases and unpredictable weather conditions, as well as poor soil quality. Last week we spoke with an NGO called Trailblazer about our app and how it might be of value to them, including a more accurate source of information on the farms they work, as well as a wider reach. They have since responded saying they would be more than happy to take a finished version of the app to the villages they work in. This is therefore something that future teams should definitely look into, and is an example of positive impact in country. Developing and fostering relationships with organisations like this is a very important promotional tool, particularly in terms of building trust with potential customers.


Pricing for our app will be based around the tiered system we have developed (essentially customers can pay more for more advanced features). As we have not discussed income with enough farmers yet we do not have a set price, but have decided the best payment method will be a monthly or quarterly subscription fee for the app and even a consultation fee given the opportunity to produce a consultancy report based on field testing protocols on field (soil testing of pH, N, P and K).


In terms of place, we have discussed a few possibilities of how customers will purchase the product, such as a free download from the app store and then the purchase of access codes and soil testing kits from input suppliers. Low-income farmers with no smartphones could access the app at local ‘community centres’ such as NGO bases, or through farmer groups within their village. Community centres can also be a base for soil testing and demonstration plots. This should definitely be further researched in future.


For product, in order to develop an app that is as user friendly as possible, we have created a survey asking our target market to select the symbols they believe best represent each section of our app (soil, pests, education, etc.). This is important at the prototyping phase to ensure our app will be as appealing as possible.


Our team has also discussed multiple ways to reach our target market, including through NGOs and visits to villages and farmers markets. Word of mouth will also be a key way of reaching potential customers, as farmer groups are quite common in Siem Reap.

We are looking forward to seeing what happens with FarmEd in the future.

Alana and Bella

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Nicholas needs Jan 20, 2017

Awesome work with planning this out! I think this is an important future direction for February FarmEd especially with trying to get the farmers to interact with the app, or even organising farm visits and potentially conduct baseline soil testing. Another thing we should also include for future direction would be an anticipated time point for which we can contact the stakeholders we have met with.
So happy with this!

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Sanders Elsie 2 weeks ago

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