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Cambodia FarmEd Business Plan

Josh Chia
Josh Chia | Jan 19, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

We met with Bill from the Cambodia Landmine Museum and Relief Center in week 1 where he was extremely helpful in providing valuable information on the challenges that low income farmers are facing. While he was enthusiastic about the work that Project FarmEd is doing in Cambodia, in the end we are a Social Enterprise and one criticism he had was the lack of a business plan. This was something we looked to address this week.


Direction of the Business Plan

An interesting note to come out of our meeting with the Fiji FarmEd team was the different approaches each team took to the same project. Fiji had a heavy focus on the agricultural consultancy side where they visit farms and provide consultancy reports to the farmers. We in Cambodia chose to focus on the FarmEd mobile platform and how it would be implemented and this is the area the current business plan addresses.


Business Plan

The business plan covers various topics that we believe to be of importance to anyone interested in the FarmEd application:

  • Industry Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Marketing Plan
  • Management Team
  • Strategy and Implementation Plan
  • Financial Plan 

Key points of the document so far are our customer segments, the marketing plan and the strategy and implementation plan. At present, our primary target is high income farmers and NGOs with a platform for low income farmers and input suppliers to be looked at in the future. Alana and Bella have worked on an awesome marketing plan which revolves around a tiered subscription system. One of the potential ways we have looked at reaching low income farmers is an SMS based system. Our implementation strategy is based around a phased rollout of the app. To determine the viability of the product, a limited release of the app would be used by NGOs in the area. If this proves to be viable there would be a market release targeted at high income farmers before a full release of all the features in the future.



There is one glaring omission in what is arguably the most important section of the documentation which is the financial plan. Unfortunately we were not in a position to estimate the financial numbers this month. We have plans to interview farmers with the app prototype over the last week of project to gather feedback on our progress and learn more about the farmers themselves. This would help us understand the position the farmers are in and the price point of the application.


Collaboration with Fiji

 We would love to integrate aspects of the consultancy service that Fiji have started to provide to farmers over the last few weeks. This is an area we will be heavily pursuing over the last week of project and will strongly recommend that this is something the February team should continue to look at.

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This is awesome work guys!
One of the main reasons why Fiji FarmEd moved in the direction of face to face consultancies was purely because of lack of technology and electricity most farmers had. A lot of feedback from July was that they were interested in technology but didn't want anything to do with it.

One avenue to potentially look at if you were aiming to do similar things to Fiji, for next month, was a suggestion by Tink, to have the FarmEd app used by trekkers/consultants when they go out in field to work on things with the farmers. The farmers then don't have to worry about a subscription fee (unless obviously they can afford it or want to do it themselves), and they just pay the consultancy fee and get the same report style feedback in person!

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Nicholas needs Jan 20, 2017

awesome feedback here danXXX, we have included that for future direction of February FarmEd. Today we visited local farmers markets to communicate with vendors with focus on identifying rice vendors so we can be presented with the opportunity to visit rice farmers and continue to identify what our value portion will be based on their ag issues.
Ideally, we would have loved more of this this month, however everything we have done has set us up for this point and February will have a great time using the 4WD to access the farms :)
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Awesome stuff! Keen to hear how feb goes!
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Awesome stuff! Keen to hear how feb goes!
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