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FarmEd Fiji Extremely Draft Handover Report

Ganan Ganeshanantham
Ganan Ganeshanantham | Jan 19, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

In the past three weeks the Fiji FarmEd team have been working hard interviewing farmers and finding out what their problems are. The previous FarmEd Fiji teams have set up a good base for us to go out to farmers and start engaging with them as a Consultancy Service which has allowed us to make 2 sales in the second week of the project. We have continued to build our database for contacts and establish relationships with other bodies on ground in Fiji such as the Taiwanese Technical Mission and The Ministry of Agriculture. Coming to end of our third week, the FarmEd have been very busy writing consultancy reports and building upon the service we are providing. The team has just made a small start to the handover document, with much much more to add over the next week.  

Alongside this we have also been working on our main goal of developing an Application for farmers. Interviewing locals and farmers with a prototype interface to test the user friendliness of the application and get feedback for the improvement, as we have found the literacy levels and access to technology varies depending on the different age groups of farmers and locality in more rural areas.

Next week we are have booked in to visit more farmers to continue the consultancy service and spread the word about our service that is available and also build rapport with farmers and make them aware of the application we are developing. 

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