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FarmEd Prototype update

Nicholas needs
Nicholas needs | Jan 18, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Cambodia FarmEd has seen some fantastic progress in the last 6 days on project, focusing specifically on the development of the visual aspects of MVP FarmEd app prototype while the Fiji team focus on coding aspects. Bearing in mind it is low-medium fidelity prototype, it may be seen in its preliminary stages on:
password: FarmEd

 The trekkers have worked on expanding almost all the screens that may be accessed throughout the app, and will be meeting with the Fiji team tomorrow to focus on the coding aspects of the app. We are so stoked to be at this stage of the project where Fiji and Cambodia teams are collaborating on developing a uniformed platform for the ag consultation and education service.

Surveys have been developed and translated for interaction with local community members, farmers and vendors at fruit and vegetable markets coupled with target market questions to assess what the Khmer people respond to most as a means of directing our consulting service.

The purpose of this is to build up our contact base of higher income farmers as the primary target market as it has been noted this will be sustainable for a top down business approach, similar to the Tesla model. Once we have contacts we will organise meetings to attend the farming sites, where we may be presented with the opportunity to empathise more about what it is the farmers would benefit most from and adding the value proposition as to what FarmEd can assist in empowering them.

Our aim of attending the farmers markets is to acquire at least 30 responses in 3hrs split over three teams of trekkers where we will input all data and comments/feedback into a spreadsheet for us to evaluate and determine future direction.

To prepare for this, trekkers have undergone positive and negative impact assessment of attending these markets and have developed mitigation strategies to ensure our lasting presence within this community. Elevator pitches will be refined as preparation for this as well as a run down of a sales approach based on some awesome work from Fiji FarmEd trekkers.

We are so keen to see what can be achieved in the remaining days on project ensuring we are setting each project up for success as we further the work on the impact assessment and handover document and video components.

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