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Maximising Revenue for Smallholder Farming

Wade Tink
Wade Tink | Jan 17, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Project Everest is seeking out strong partners whom are applying technology with success in order to transfer the social benefit into other markets. Our Singapore relationships manager, Aakash Parekh, currently works for a social enterprise in India that is focused on maximising revenue for small-hold farmers in India. The social enterprise was created by combining a highly educated and experienced Agriculture expert with a business development guru with a background in finance and management consulting. The result is an innovative solution that has these key highlights: 
- Increased income for India farmers; a 5-10x increase compared to existing options
- Reduced risk to income by growing 20+ vegetables with a constant year round production
- Assured buyback to the farmer (at a slight market premium) ensuring they can focus on farming whilst someone else focuses on marketing
- Due to the above points farmers are able to access external financing (bank loans) as the investment is viewed with less risk than previously

Detailed concept is explained in the attached document. Initial intent is to experiment with the crop planning and production in Fiji as part of project FarmEd. Should it be successful then the process would be digitised as per the intent of FarmEd to enable it to Scale. 

This concept still needs approval from the founders in India who have agreed in concept to a PE partnership. Encourage thoughts below...

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