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The Nazareth Stove Idea

Jesenia Bodey Lee
Jesenia Bodey Lee | Jan 8, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

One idea that our current team has been looking at whilst waiting for approval to visit newer inland villages to further understand their electricity needs, is the Nazareth stove, which is currently used (and produced) in Timor.


SIDE NOTE: Only one rural village was interviewed by the previous team due to weather constraints, so information may to unreliable when referring to “inland villages”, however, our current team made do with what information was handed over to us. Hence, the current heavy focus for the coastal villages in regards to cooking.


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The Nazareth stoves are easily portable, relatively affordable, fuel-efficient, and produces little smoke. This alternative means that Fijian villagers don’t need to use kerosene, whilst eliminating their concerns about smoke from firewood. Also, it being more fuel-efficient would allow villagers to store wood, if they’re not already doing so.


The downside with the Nazareth stoves is that they are known to break after 3 months, however, it can be something that we can test, develop and improve on. There will still be issues with the dampness of wood which would still need to be resolved, so one thought was looking at effective shelters for firewood as a potential add-on product/service.


Currently, Nazareth stoves are being produced in Timor via the NGO, The Nazareth Foundation, whose “purpose is to start and support small business initiatives that train and employ people living with a disability, orphans and widows...”. So, if we were to look at using Nazareth stoves specifically, for use in Fiji, contact with the Nazareth Foundation would be needed.


There is also the potential for PE to come in and teach Villagers how to make similar stoves and maintain these stoves from resources that are available here in Fiji. This could be something to look at for a BMC.

Similarly, this may also be a viable concept for, or may be of interest to, the Timor-Leste fuel teams if there are issues with cooking fuel.

William Ashford Jun 21, 2017

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William Ashford Jun 21, 2017

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Efficient burners are great and are in the market in a lot of developing countries. We need help developing deployment and marketing strategies for these products.

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William Ashford Jun 21, 2017

Envirofit ( is a US-based company that produces super efficient low-cost burners for sale in developing countries. They lower the emissions by as much as ~90% and some double the heating efficiency.

I have been speaking to some of their sales guys and it's possible to ship flat-packed burners anywhere. We would just need to set up the appropriate business model to assemble and sell the units.

They also do really cool lighting kits.

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Krystal Kennedy Jul 11, 2017

Potential Energy ( has its Sudan and Uganda projects, trying to make cooking safer and more cost effective for women and their families in those areas. Potential Energy utilises the Berkeley-Darfur stove that they partner with local communities to assemble and distributed among Sudan.
Berkeley-Darfur Stove is a rocket stove that customises for the needs of families in Sudan, and thus can also be redesigned to meet the needs of families in either in Timor or Fiji. Meanwhile, it is manufactured in flat-kits and can be easily shipped worldwide. You can contact your local partners to assemble, sell and distribute the stoves, which could potentially be better than just have Envirofit to send their finished products directly.

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Andrew Vild Sep 14, 2017

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Activity has died off on this thread and so we are working on slimming down ideas for the upcoming activity.

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