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Cambodia FarmEd Week 1 update

Nicholas needs
Nicholas needs | Jan 6, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Week 1 has seen some enormous progress with the Cambodia FarmEd team. Initially starting slow and shooting very high, a barrier that couldn't be knocked down one way brought trekkers back down to earth to add perspective to the stage where the project is at. Trekkers have navigated a previously untouched barrier of higher income farmers by sourcing local farmers markets where they may be able to interact with farmers, vendors and to build an understanding of the market they’re in as an extension of the empathy stage. We are aware there is still so much information regarding access of higher income farmers to smartphone technology/electricity and financial viability of an app however the purpose of the visits are to assist in problem framing and understand current agricultural practices.

Meetings have been organised for week 2 and are as follows: Tim Mannah (Servian sydney office for understanding of data input and collection methods for various aspects of FarmEd), Caitlin (Trailblazer organisation Cambodia currently has extensive connections with middle to lower income farmers and food security projects and could benefit in building up a contact base for data collection and interaction with new communities), Jamie (Srer Khmer currently works in the space of agriculture projects aimed at food security through education of crop diversification - he seems very keen to learn more about FarmEd and potentially form a partnership given a solid understanding of how PE works and the objectives of FarmEd over the coming years).

The week concluded with trekkers working on business model canvas and stressing out every compartment to develop their overall understanding of the relationship of our product with the market however financials are an area that will be developed with more knowledge on the financial situation of cambodian farmers. We ran through pitching to the group of what project everest is, what FarmEd aims to do, where i would ask them questions being either a prospective stakeholder, a farmer or a street vendor to prepare them for meetings and interactions at the markets over the coming week. They all seemed on point with their delivery of what Project Everest does and the aims of what FarmEd hopes to achieve, i trust they will nail any delivery pitch so long as they just go in there with clear mind and own the presence.

For me, i feel extremely privileged to work with such a dynamic team of go getters who want to get it done, but are aware of what they can achieve but not limited to. They are all so motivated at this point of the project and want to see them rebound even more throughout the coming weeks. I have big expectations for these guys because i know they can achieve it.

Goals for Week 2:


  • Create empathy map for the interactions with farmers market in sunday to visually represent the pains and gains of those contacted to enhance our understanding of the market in Siem Reap.

  • Pursue financial questions with farmers and/input suppliers to gauge the income farmers may have to allocate towards such an app given a workable prototype.

  • Enhance connections with local farmers and pursue site visits to conduct some basic soil testing and survey questions about current agricultural practices.

  • Further understanding of the role of Servian and refine our techniques for data collection and input of data into a system once collected from the target market.

  • Further develop relationships with stakeholders as a potential target for the product and assess the feasibility of a business partnerships as a customer channels and segments.

  • Create new contacts with stakeholders to continually expand our access to the tsrget market.
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