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Ganan Ganeshanantham
Ganan Ganeshanantham | Jan 4, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Looking to make a drip irrigation system using readily available materials such as buckets, hoses etc. The premises is that the bucket will be placed on a 1.5 m high stand made from timber to allow for enough water pressure to supply a 20-30m long hose. The water will run down the hose and disperse water to the plants with the holes strategically placed towards each plant and its roots. 

This method also provides an efficient means of using water and makes it easier to water the plants with less effort. 

Currently from research the connection from the bucket to the hose is by a hose barb (metal or plastic hose connection) with a rubber washer and lock nut to secure it in place without leaking.

We are looking for alternative connections for this such as just using a tight connection hose fit with a plastic putty to seal the connection from leakage and securing it with duct-tape so we do not have to purchase the specialized connection. Does anyone think this is viable alternative or are there any other suggestions?

Also the problem may arise with the holes and the hose line getting clogged up with debris. The water can be filtered before being poured into the bucket by passing it through a cloth. Any other suggestions for filtering the water before it reaches the hose drip outlet? 


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William Ashford Jan 4, 2017

This looks great but I'm not sure it fits with the Project FarmEd objectives at this time.

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Ganan Ganeshanantham Jan 4, 2017

Hey Will,
Thanks for your insight. Our teams main focus in the consultancy service with the future goals of developing the app. In the consultancy reports we some of the farms have been recommended to install a simple irrigation system for the dry seasons. So to do this we were trying to suggest to them how to make a simple bucket irrigation system which was low cost and simple to make.
What are your views on this?

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(Account removed) Jan 4, 2017

Hey Fam - just a note on irrigation, this is such a cool concept and I love that you've looked into a drip irrigation system in such a basic way. I would avoid discussing the 'how' to do so unless they ask. Most of the farmers don't mind the labour for watering their crop as it is something to do on the farm. Avoid looking into how to do it as that is something that isn't a key objective for FarmEd (like Will mentioned). Maybe instead suggest reusing rain water for watering crops instead of talking heavily about irrigation systems for now!

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Wade Tink Jan 8, 2017

Hey Danica, could you please clarify this comment: "Most of the farmers don't mind the labour for watering their crop as it is something to do on the farm." Are you saying that through engagement you have found that farmers are looking to find things to do on their farms?

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(Account removed) Jan 8, 2017

Not so much finding things to do, more so they don't mind the work that comes with being on the farm.

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