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[Experiment Results]: -Utility Testing MVP features January 2020

Lean phase: Solution 



The SME owners have been using the MVP sporadically and will find the product more useful if additional features (inventory log, balance sheet) are added.



  • 2 Households visited
  • Two clients; Reapi and Veronika Cua engaged in the survey, and the third couple were unable to be contacted


Customer 1 - Reape Nabulo:

Of that, through meeting with Reape Nabulo on the 9th of January 2020, we found she was very enthusiastic and extremely satisfied with the product. When asked if there was anything we could do to improve the Ilavo Log, she said there were no problems and that she found it extremely easy to use. 

An orange light has been achieved with 33% of the clients we intended to see, as Reape didn’t express desire/understanding of the need for further improvements to the product. However, we briefly explained the benefits of these enhancements, and we found that she is very enthusiastic about current product, so it's likely she would be onboard with changes if we maintained simplicity. 

Customer 2 - Veronica Cua:


Similarly, Veronica Cua was visited on the 14th and 15th of January 2020. On both days, the MVP was discussed with her. She was very enthusiastic about it, and thankful for the service. Initially, on the 14th she expressed some confusion about logging expenses, but this was quickly resolved by going through the product with her. On the 15th, we questioned more about adding new features, she was enthusiastic and willing to proceed with tasks such as completing a stocktake, to produce an inventory log. 


A green light has been achieved with 33% of the clients we wanted to survey, as Veronica showed clear enthusiasm in response to the suggestion of adding an inventory log and balance sheet to our product. She seemed excited about the potential prospects of Ilavo Log and Project Everest, and expressed interest in advocating for us in the future to other SME’s.


Customer 3 - Daniel Donu: 


The third client; Daniel Donu and his wife Melinia were unable to be contacted. Therefore, we weren’t able to survey their thoughts and reception of the current product, and proposed improvements. 


Validated Learning: 

Results showed a mixed response amongst our current client base. Overall, it seems that the customers surveyed are presently happy with our product, but would also be receptive if we were to add additional features. Customers seem to value the simple and easy-to-use interface of our current product, so this should be sustained in future versions of our MVP.


Next Move

We will continue to work on adding the inventory log and balance sheet to our MVP. After these changes are implemented, we will do further experimentation to ensure that these changes are beneficial for the user.


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