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[Proposed Experiment]: Offer Testing - Posters in Sigatoka Town - Fiji January 2020

Lean phase: Channels

Assumption: Posters will be placed around Sigatoka town which will attract customers to increase our MVP sales.

Time box: 1-2 weeks

Success metric: % increase in people who call or email Project Everest to express interest in our product. 

Criteria: Obtain consent from shop-owners to advertise our product in and outside of their stores. Also coordinate with the other teams (e.g. Fuel) and make sure that our posters will not be placed near theirs in order to avoid confusion.

Green light: We continue to use posters as a channel through which we attract new customers with our message. We could also potentially put more posters in other towns and villages. 

Success Point: 4 or more people either call or email, or ask in town about PEV per week. 

Orange light: Less than 4 people call or email PEV per week. If this is the case, we will investigate possible reasons why the poster has not performed well. This may be because the posters were not placed in places where there is high pedestrian activity. It could also be due to the poster being poorly designed (not eye-catching or culturally respectful). Lastly, it could also be because no-one is interested in our product. (look at other channels).

Failure Point: 0% of people express interest and reach out to PEV about our product. 

Red light: No-one reaches out to PEV after seeing the posters. This shows that posters may not be a good channel through which to advertise our product. In this case, we may explore other possibilities through which to reach potential customers, for example (flyers, village meetings, brochures). 

Experiment build:

  1. Design the poster and make it attractive with all the information provided. (Include phone number, email, logo, picture of the team). 

  2. Print copies of the poster. 

  3. Make a list of the popular places where there is high pedestrian activity. (For example: Hot Bread bakery, Shivas, markets).

  4. Ask the shop-owners for permission to advertise our product in or outside of their store.

  5. Place the posters in the places listed above. 



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