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[Experiment Adopted]: Channels - Partnership Proposal for Merchant Finance - Fiji January 2020

Lean phase: Channels 

Assumption: Based on previous interactions and contact, Merchant Finance (MF) will be willing to agree to a partnership plan and eventually a complete ongoing commercial partnership with PEV where they will refer unsuccessful loan applicants to PEV so that they can utilise PEV’s services in order to be successful for a loan in the future. 

Time box: 3-4 weeks

Success metric: % that Merchant Finance agrees to all of PEV’s proposed terms in the partnership plan. 

Criteria: Trying to create a mutually beneficial partnership with MF where they are able to refer unsuccessful loan applicants to PEV given they meet our ideal customer requirements. MF must consider a partnership plan and accept terms PEV has proposed for the partnership. 

Green light: MF see value in a proposed partnership with PEV and agree to the terms PEV have presented to them. 

Success Point: 100% agreement to PEV’s terms and a trial period to test out the partnership. 

Orange light: They may only partially agree to PEV’s terms and disregard the others or they may believe that their needs may be insufficiently met. Attends must be open in the meeting and allow for discussion and negotiations about terms and conditions regarding the partnership. Allow MF to set out their terms while still not conceding any, especially important, terms that PEV want. 

Failure Point: 0% agreement to PEV’s terms and do not see any benefit to a partnership. 

Red light: MF are not open to any of PEV’s terms and do not see any benefit in signing a partnership with PEV. They may feel it may cost them more than they will benefit in things such as time, money and customers and therefore reject our proposal.

Experiment build:

  1. Collate existing information and research information about Merchant Finance and build a client profile. 

  2. Create a call script and call MF HQ to arrange a meeting 

  3. Prepare and practice a survey script for questions to be asked at the meeting 

  4. Create a successful customer profile to present to MF

  5. Consider PEV’s terms for the partnership 

  6. Create a partnership plan to present to MF at the meeting outlining the purpose, customer base and PEV’s terms of the partnership. 

  7. Collect and collate results. Analyse the results and if successful move onto designing and developing a contract and/or memorandum of understanding for the partnership


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