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[PROJECT SUMMARY] Hidden Hunger - December 2019

December 2019 marked the fifth month of operations for Hidden Hunger.

The work of December 2019 can be divided into two pillars:

1/ Customer segment B: establishing partnerships with NGOs and businesses. Improving our understanding of the viability of customer segment B.

2/ Utility testing: how can we make the app Malawi-specific?

December 2019 Experiment Results:

Utility Testing:


Proposed Future Experiments:

  • [Proposed Experiment]: UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION: Analyse Agriculture in Blantyre - Currency Test - Hidden Hunger - January 20 
  • To completely map agriculture in the Blantyre district, in order to improve the crop feature of the USTAWI application.
  • Introduce Hidden Hunger to crop and livestock owners - gauge interest in being part of the application in the future
  • PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Unique Value Proposition: Offer Test - Hidden Hunger Malawi - January 2020 
  • To obtain a pilot test with stakeholders.
  • [Proposed Experiment]: Pilot Testing - Hidden Hunger January 2020 
  • To carry out a Pilot test with stakeholders.
  • [Proposed Experiment]: Hidden Hunger - Food recognisability and accessibility: UVP - January 2020 
  • Accessibility: To obtain information about the remaining foods listed in the USTAWI that is Malawi specific and the food accessibility from market vendors and Super markets.
  • Recognisability: To continue to assess if the Malawian locals find PEV provided images of food on the USTAWI app recognisable
  • [Proposed Experiment]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - District Nutritionist Survey: Unique Value Proposition – January 20 
  • To gather information on the district specific nutrition in Malawi.
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