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[Project Summary] - DArT - Timor - December 2019

Madeleine Laws
Madeleine Laws | 2 months ago | in Impact Partner - DArT

The DArT team's aim for December was to survey specific groups linked to the agricultural supply chain in Timor-Leste, and to gain an understanding of how produce gets from seeds to tables. We want to understand where the specific pain points within the supply chain exist between key stakeholders and farmers, and to investigate where PEV could introduce sustainable strategies and programs to improve food security and reduce the pain points faced during the wet/dry seasons. December’s team focused on gathering a wide range of information from smallholder farmers, middlemen market resellers and produce retailers. A broad focus and sample space are essential in this early stage, as we aren’t yet sure where the best distribution channels lie.

134 total surveys were conducted over the month, across smallholder farmers, middlemen and produce retailers. The survey results confirmed that seasonal famine is something that many farmers face each year, which in turn disrupts the supply chain and destabilises market prices and saturation. It was also found that inconsistent connections between farms and large retailers cause unstable distribution channels.

January’s team will need to continue to empathise with Subsistence and Smallholder farmers as well as middleman through the DArT survey. The proposed goal of 240 surveys for subsistence and smallholder farmers for the month should be met as well as 15 middlemen, as this will help to further identify the challenges within the supply chain and where DArT technology can be implemented to make the most impact. In addition, they should follow up on the connections December established with future key stakeholders such as Universities, NGOs, food processors, local government, seed breeders and distributors. If time allows, previous FarmEd customers (Case studies/Those who paid a deposit for the app) should be reimbursed. December team met with and have refunded Alfonso Saldanha Soares (Case study in Manleu-Ana), however the focus for January should prioritise the main experiments to successfully identify the pain-points within Timor’s agricultural supply chain.

As the proposed solution is still in development, it is important to collect as much substantial and insightful information from the proposed customer segments, allowing the most suitable solution to be implemented in the future.

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