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[Proposed Experiment]: Channels - Revenue Streams - Sales Partnership - Fuel I Timor-Leste July 2019

[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Channels - Sales Partnership - Fuel I Timor-Leste December 2019

Lean phase: Channels

Assumption: We can engage enough organisations willing to make consistent bulk (10 or more) purchases of our stoves to justify a bulk order of 100 stoves from the manufacturer. 

Time box: 4 weeks (January), or until at least 10 organisations are engaged

Success Metric:
• % of organisations who agree to consecutive bulk purchases
• Quantity of stoves ordered per organisation


Green Light: Continue agreement with manufacturer to bulk purchase 100 stoves for a $10 discount per unit, and continue relationships with organisations making consecutive bulk purchases.  

Success Point: 
• 40% or more of the organisations that are contacted agree to consecutive bulk purchases; AND/OR
• Enough stoves are ordered from organisations to justify a bulk order for manufacturing

Orange Light: Continue exploring bulk sales channels and regular sales, whilst investigating lower manufacturing options. 

Failure Point: 
20% or less of the organisations that are contacted agree to consecutive bulk purchases.

Red Light: Re-evaluate bulk purchases from manufacturer and explore alternative options for bulk purchases. 

Experiment Build:

  1. Reach out and foster relationships with at least 10 organisations.

  2. Organise meetings with organisations and express the purpose of pitching to them our stoves for bulk purchase and consecutive purchase. 

  3. Pitch our stoves to organisations with the intent of making an initial bulk order and reliable, consecutive bulk orders. Record sales within CRM. 

  4. If the organisations are unwilling to bulk order or consecutively order in bulk, seek out and engage other organisations. 

  5. If the organisations are willing to bulk order and consecutively order, ensure to collect the payments and provide them with the purchased stoves.

  6. Evaluate the viability of continuing with bulk purchasing.

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Lily Partridge 2 months ago

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Lily Partridge 2 months ago

If this is a channels test, then you should be testing a channel's effectiveness at consistently guaranteeing sales. If a channel can only do a one off bulk sale then it's not a very good channel and this needs to be reflected in your assumption please.

In your timebox, how many different 'clients' or groups are you planning to engage? If you approach 50 and just get one channel, are you happy with this success rate? Please include the number of channels you're also going to approach during this time bracket to justify the time period spent (see other proposed experiment comments for more clarification).

Can you define exactly what "bulk" means in this context? 10? 30? If they are consistently purchasing less than that or doing inconsistent bulk purchases, how will this affect your metrics and assessment of the channel?

Just check your orange light phrasing - could do with a bit of a rework or some fresh eyes I think!

Your experiment build is very wordy and can be a lot more concise given the nature of the steps you've outlined. Again, get some fresh eyes on it, I feel like you've read and reread this so many times that you're stuck in it all! Remember an experiment build isn't "how to sell a stove", it's "how will we make sure we've assessed whether this is a good channel?"

When you refer to a 'satisfactory' purchase of the stove - what does this mean? Surely given the nature of this test you'd do the assessment at the point of purchase, or are you going to be following up with them later on? This part is still confusing. As I said, this is a channels test so we want to know consistency, so please elaborate on in your experiment build on how you are planning to validate this?

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Lily Partridge 2 months ago

Also please sort out this formatting

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Giles Barnes 2 months ago

Criteria for A Sales Partner attached

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Lily Partridge 2 months ago

Status label added: Adopted Experiment

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Lily Partridge 2 months ago

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