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Adopted Experiment

[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Channels - New Sales Agents Performance - Fuel II - Timor Leste - December 2019

Lean Phase: 

That new sales agents can confidently and effectively demonstrate to PEV that they can execute a sale after their training.

Time Box: 
1 Month ( 5 Agents on-board )

Success Metric: 

  • Percentage of sales activities executed correctly 
  • The ability to tick all the components that he/she was taught in the training.

Success point
>60% of sales pitches are done correctly.

sales agent is able to confidently and effectively promote the stove under the observation of PEV and sell it to EOIs.

Green Light 
If a Sales Agent was able to apply what they were taught in the training and on-boarding process and successfully complete the sales process, PEV can proceed to have them as an autonomously functioning sales agent.

Orange Light
If experiment iterations are required to achieve a green light, some areas of the process should be considered for adjustment.

Approach: Identify the key areas for improvement for the sales agent. Provide the sales agent with additional training in order to refine these sales skills, and test again by getting them to demonstrate a sale.

Failure Point

<20% of sales are done correctly.

The Sales Agent could not complete the majority of the steps of the sales pipeline, and PEV had to intervene during the interaction with the customer.

Red Light: A sales agent has not applied most of the learning that they have been taught in the training, and seemed unconfident while attempting the sales. PEV should then consider ending the partnership with Sales Agent.

Experiment build: 

  1. Teams will accompany new sales agents by taking a step back and only observing sales agents’s engagements with EOIs regarding the Fuguan Seguru stove. (This is done to determine how effective and confident the sales agent is).

  2. Teams to determine whether sales agents are following the sales pipeline, as per their training, to the potential customer. 

  3. Sales agents will be responsible to record the number of potential customers, this includes. Details of individual ( This is done to make sure that the sales agent is capable of recording EOI’s details and thus hand them to PEV).
    - Name
    - Phone
    - Coordinates 
    - Comments about engagement

  4. PEV will need to observe the sales agents interaction with EOIs (Minimum 5 EOIs);
    - Comments on engagement with locals
    - Stove knowledge level

edited on 20th December 2019, 07:12 by Abdulrahman Aldakheel

Lily Partridge 2 months ago

Please include in your time box how many sales agents you are expecting to onboard during this period to validate success, and how many sales they will be roughly required to make to validate this further. This is the main area for development here.

With your metrics, are these based on a set criteria? This should ideally be quantitative, so perhaps this could be a % of sales activities executed correctly. Something to consider.

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Abdulrahman Aldakheel 2 months ago

Hello Lily, thanks for your feedback.
The experiment has been edited to rely on quantitative data.

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Lily Partridge 2 months ago

@abdulrahman looks good, but please check this phrasing:
"only <20% or less of sales are done correctly."

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Lily Partridge 2 months ago

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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Lily Partridge 2 months ago

Status label added: Adopted Experiment

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Lily Partridge 2 months ago

Status label removed: Proposed Experiment

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