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[Proposed Experiment] Channels- Sales Agents On-boarding and Training- Fuel Timor-Leste December 2019

Lean Phase: Channels

Assumptions: That sales agents can be successfully trained and on-boarded using the sales agent pipeline created.

Time Box:
4 weeks (January)

Success Metric
Number of people successfully trained to become a sales agent


Green Light - If the SOP has been successful in helping to on-board sales agents then proceed with monitoring their sales performance by tracking their reach, sales and reliability.

Success Point – 4-5 sales agents on-boarded and trained.

Orange Light – Explore different sources for potential sales agents to get on board

Failure Point – 0-1 sales agents on-boarded and trained.

Red Light – Sales agents SOP is not serving its purpose in assisting to on-board sales agents. Reevaluate our Sales Agents SOP and identify any gaps in the process, as well as explore new people that can be potential sales agents.

Experiment Build:

Follow the Sales Agent Pipeline outlined in the Sales Agent SOP 

1. Informally interview potential sales agents
2. Shortlist sales agents based on criteria
3. Formally interview sales agents- choose top 5 contenders
4. Train them based on the workshop outline- ensure they understand contracts, roles and responsibilities
5. Witness their ability to make a sale (without our assistance)
6. Sign contracts and they purchase stove

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Lily Partridge 2 months ago

Please sort out this formatting. Refer to other posts for reference. (Shift enter to avoid big gaps).

Can you please justify the purchase of the stove in your experiment build? Are you providing a discount for sales agents? Can you please flesh out a little what 'success' for a sales agent looks like? Is it successful completion of training and then X number of sales? When do we make the call? You experiment build references this but it isn't included in your other assumptions and metrics.

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Lily Partridge 2 months ago

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Lily Partridge 2 months ago

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