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[Proposed Experiment:] Solar Malawi-Channels- Increasing repayment rates - December 2019

Lean Phase: Channels


Background Information: 

The use of chief’s as sales’ agents in the community has been an effort to ensure repayments are received from customers. Data shows repayment rates have been poor, because the feedback loop between: the customers; moyo-energy; and then the sales agent takes too long; and makes the agents reinforcement ineffective as they can not get direct, and self-observable feedback, on their reinforcement efforts.



Collecting payments directly from Agents; and setting clear bulk targets that agents are required to meet monthly; will lead to more efficient reinforcement and thus an increase in repayment rates.


Time Period:

1 month


Success Metric:

Measuring the rate of repayments after intervention. 90% of repayments will be successful less than 50% is a failure.



Green Light - Institute this change across all agents and update Black Label Post

Success point 90% of repayments are received on time.


Orange Light - Consider additional cost effective measures necessary to make the agents job monitoring repayments easier; such as providing them with viewing access into the Customer Relationship Management system.


Failure Point - Less than 50% repayments.

Red Light - Consider new implementation of intervention or new channel for distribution of product


Experiment Build:


  1. Collect baseline data, on the monthly repayment rate for November 

  2. Institute new system of collecting repayments .

  3. Measure repayments as a percentage for the month from all payments due

  4. Analyse and post experiment results

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