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[Proposed Experiment]:Solar Malawi- Channels - Increasing the number of sales made by agents-Solar Malawi December 2019

Lean Phase:



Increasing the minimum product order size from our agents to 10; will lead to Agents established in Areas of higher demand, with consistently higher monthly sales figures

Time Box: 2 weeks

Success Metric:


Number of successful sales from agents



Green Light:

Post Black Label post to update Business Operations


Success point: 20 sales per new agent set up during the 2 week period. 


Orange Light: 

Consider additional cost effective measures necessary to make the agents job of meeting the 10 sale quota easier; such as allocating each agent digital posters to put up on Whatsapp to create greater awareness.


Failure Point: 4 sales per Agent over the two-week period (no increase in rate of sales)


Red Light: 

Investigate other factors that might be affecting sales, such as demand or promotion.

Experiment Build:


  1. Collect Baseline Data on the number of Sales per agent from November.

  2.  Institute new system collecting payments directly from the agents and giving the agent full responsibility of collecting payments.

  3. Train Agents on the  new system

  4. Collect data points on sales over 2 week period

  5. Compare against Baseline; and post experiment results.

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