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[EXPERIMENT RESULTS]: Sanitation Amisen - Utility Test: UVP - September 2019

Lily Partridge
Lily Partridge | 4 months ago | in ROA Training S2 2019

Lean Phase: Utility Test

Time-box: 6 months

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Results & Validated Learning:

Over the period of 6 months of operating this distribution service, we have made 650 sales of the basic imported products with additional 75 expressions of interest ($$ deposits) for a higher quality, locally made product, for predominantly across Vengara and Keisala with a few in Jumtha. The main marketing channels have been through community meetings and word of mouth via the clinics.

You have begun looking further into the tech-based ordering system in order to scale, and are currently iterating a utility test on the features you would need to make this happen.  You’ve also begun running tests on locally produced products to be able to release this to your 75 pre-sales. This is happening with your early adopters who have been loyal to the process for the 6 months of this test. So far the feedback has been positive, with 70% of people saying that they’ve been satisfied with the product and the process. The main issues have focused on the longevity of the product, however there is interest by these customers in a locally sourced, longer-lasting, higher quality product.  

Your main block is sourcing enough products to supply to enough channels. From your feedback, people like how easy it is to pick up and Silvia has already noticed a slight reduction in the frequency of people coming into the clinic with hygiene related disease since purchasing the product, 


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