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[EXPERIMENT RESULTS]: Agriculture Amisen - Utility Test: UVP - September 2019

Lily Partridge
Lily Partridge | 4 months ago | in ROA Training S2 2019

Lean Phase: Utility Test

Time-box: 6 months

 Link to post:

Assumption: That we will successfully be able to provide a consistent supply of produce to vendors 


Results & Validated Learning:
Over the period of 6 months of operating this test, we were able to connect produce from farms and vendors on a consistent basis. We now have 30 vendors and 150 farmers onboard. The majority of these new vendors and farmers have been onboarded in the last 2 months, and we have discussed with them about the opportunities to supply a wider variety of produce to the vendors. We have been discussing this with our initial early adopters to maintain their interest. They are happy with the frequency and quality of the product and want to know how they can diversify. 

 You have begun looking into the tech-based ordering system in order to scale, and are currently iterating a utility test on the features you would need to make this happen. This is happening with your early adopters who have been loyal to the process for the 6 months of this test.


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