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[EXPERIMENT RESULTS]: Agriculture Amisen- Offer Test: Problem Definition - September 2019

Lily Partridge
Lily Partridge | 4 months ago | in ROA Training S2 2019

Experiment Design Post:

Lean Phase:
Customer Segment/Problem 

• Small-holder farmers in Jumtha are frustrated with unreasonably low produce market prices
• Small-holder farmers in Jumtha are frustrated with food wastage during the dry season


Channel 1: F2F One-On-One Interviews
45 small-holder farmers were engaged in one-on-one interviews.
Of the 45 that we engaged with, 19 converted to a successful EOI. 
A green light has been achieved with 42%. This success rate exceeds the success metric of 40%. 

Channel 2: Holcomb News Radio
Estimated total unique reach of 15,000 via the radio across Holcomb town, Jumtha, Vengara and Keisala over the 1-2 week period. 
Of the 15,000 that heard our ads over the 1-2 week period, 127 messages (texts/calls) were received. 
A red light has been achieved with 0.8%. Given this metric has fallen below the red light metric of 2%, we will reinvestigate the viability of this channel and the messaging. 

Validated Learning:
We have validated that small-holder farmers in Jumtha do feel frustrated by the amount of food waste and therefore the financial loss of the waste.  

We found that F2F channels performed significantly better in terms of engagement than the radio option. The F2F interviews were good for gaining qualitative data, and the farmers showed a real willingness to get more value for their money. 

We found that a combination of the approximate messaging: “Frustrated your food is going to waste? Source alternate options today. Leave your details to stay up to date” was the best combination of messaging and CTA, and delivered the highest yield in conversions. An additional 10 farmers showed an interest and agreed with the problem, but suggested they’d want to speak to us again when we had a solution as they didn’t have time or want to get updates. 

The amount of money required to make the Holcomb Radio a viable channel (i.e. to get the ads placed at a prime time and with really effective CTA) just was not affordable. Therefore, our ads were placed at really poor times and not reaching a wide enough audience or at times where they were likely to act. This said, we still yielded an interest that validated that texting/calling was potentially an effective CTA or channel for action. Alternatively, this could be a useful future channel to pursue (perhaps via a more tailored and affordable option). 

Next Actions
Validate the interest from market vendors.
Proceed to Currency testing and UVP exploration. 


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