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[PROJECT SUMMARY]: Hidden Hunger Malawi July 2019

July 2019 marked the fourth month of operations for Hidden Hunger.

The work of July 2019 can be divided into three pillars:

1/ Customer segment B: are NGOs and businesses a viable customer segment?

2/ Utility testing: how can we make the app Malawi-specific?

3/ Channels: is Facebook, radio or posters more effective at reaching mothers (customer segment A)?

July experiments and results

Customer Segment B

Utility testing


Proposed future experiments

- [PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - Customer Segment B: Currency Test - December 2019:

  • Set up meetings with previous stakeholders who are excited to be working alongside Hidden Hunger and inform them on the project’s progress

- [PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi – Customer Segment B: Offer Test – July 2019:

  • Secure an appraisal letter stating that the USTAWI app is effective, endorsed by the government and can be used by NGOs and businesses. The DON will also provide credibility to the project.

- [PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - Health Surveillance Assistants: Offer Test – December 2019:

  • Explore the benefit that USTAWI could bring to Health Surveillance Assistants (HSA’s) and nutritionists. 

- [PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - Analysing Accessibility to Food: Utility Testing - July 2019:

  • Conducting surveys in rural locations, outside of Blantyre, would allow for a varied and more reliable testing group, whilst providing better insight to the malnutrition space. 

- [PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi- False Door Test: WhatsApp Forums, Airtel and Community Radio Advertising Channels- July 2019:

- [PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi – Unique Value Proposition: Offer Test – December 2019: 

  • Offer test with NGOs in Lilongwe

[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - District Assessment of Food Accessibility: Utility Testing - December 2019: 

  • Improve the app’s ability to recommend foods based on one’s district

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