Project Everest

Adopted Experiment

[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT] Utility Test, Female Sanitation And Hygiene Malawi December/January 2019/20

Lean Phase: MVP

Purpose: To establish if the MVP adequately solves the customer segments identified problem

Assumption: The features of the MVP allow women to menstruate in comfort and dignity, without impacting their day to day life.

Time Box:  4-6 weeks 

Success Metric: 60% of participants experience an increased ability to menstruate in dignity (see experiment build)


Green Light: Proceed to channels and distribution

Success point: More than 60% of participants experience an increased ability to menstruate in dignity (see experiment build)

Orange light: Assess responses and feedback from participants, iterate MVP design.

Failure point:  Less than 20% of participants experience an increased ability to menstruate in dignity (see experiment build)

Red Light: Reassess problem, customer segment.

Experiment Build:


  • 20 Women from each respective group  ( teachers, village banks, clinics and professionals) who are to have paid their deposit for the cup (currency test) and now are meeting to receive the cup
  • Prepare training materials
  • Prepare pre-experiment survey for participants. Understanding what their current solution provides (e.g comfort, leak-free, odourless, discrete, cleaning/washing requirements, stain-free)
  • Prepare means of collecting, recording and analysing feedback.
  • Prepare spread-sheet to record participant demographics and contact details


During the experiment:

  • Before the training commences the women will complete  a pre-experiment survey and provide their contact details
  • Participants are to be provided with thorough instructions on how to use the product effectively and hygienically
  • A communication channel to be established with the participants (text, whatsapp, through chief)
  • After using the cup for at least one cycle, another focus group discussion will be held to answer any questions about using the product. The same survey will be provided again to see if there has been an improvement.


  • Enter participants data into a spreadsheet, including pre-experiment survey data 
  • Collect each participants feedback form throughout the month and enter into the spreadsheet
  • Analyse results by comparing pre-experiment survey results with feedback form results
  • Meet with chiefs and participants at the conclusion of 4-6 week time box to thank, communicate results and communicate future actions/intent
  • Refer to success metric to determine future action
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