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Proposed Experiment

[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: MVP; Utility Testing with Clinicians PHASE 2: Focus Groups - Health Malawi July 2019


Lean Phase: Solution / Utility Testing

Assumption:  A USSD/tech solution can provide value to and be used by clinicians in streamlining data and patient processes. 

  • Clinicians see high utility in a service which will reduce clinic congestion

  • Clinicians see high utility in a service which will optimise patient consultation times. 

  • Clinicians see high utility in a service which will enable efficient data transfer within healthcare system. 

Purpose: To identify whether clinicians value engaging with a tech solution that digitises and streamlines patient data through the healthcare system; what and how this value looks for clinicians 

 Time Box: Total - 3 Weeks 

Phase 1 → 1 Week

Phase 2 → 2 Weeks

 Success Metric: Percentage of clinicians who believe that a streamline and digitiesed patient data system will provide value in their day to day operations with patients. 

 This will be quantified through a likert scale to measure assumptions. 


Green Light: Assumptions are confirmed; Continue with the measurement and development of an MVP with clinicians. 

Success point: > 80% of clinicians in focus groups confirm that a streamlined and digitised patient data process will provide value in their roles. 

Orange Light: 20-80% of clinicians interviewed confirm the assumption that a streamlined and digitised patient data process will provide value in their roles. 

 Use data collated from focus groups to continue adapting and building the MVP to meet the value clinicians seek.

 Failure Point: < 20% of clinicians interviewed regard a streamlined and digitised data process as valuable. 

Red Light: The focus group results do not validate our assumptions. The team will need to reevaluate their approach to measuring value and how UVPs are used in building the MVP. 

 Experiment build: Phase 2 

  1. Focus groups will be conducted at clinics within Blantyre to identify where value exists in the MVP.

Running Focus Group:

→ The focus group will be run according to the Focus Group SOP.

 Location of Focus Groups:

→ Chileka Health Centre: Twaibu (Head Clinician)

→ Ndirande Health Centre: Veronica (Head Clinician)

→ Zingwangwa Health Centre: Atusaye (Head Clinician) 

Analysis of Data Obtained from Focus Groups: 

Survey Results - Results obtained from each focus group will be consolidated and presented in one spreadsheet. Includes quantitative data and qualitative data which has been analysed through a likert chart. 

  • Information on how to use this document will be within the Focus Group SOP.

Click here for the results spreadsheet.

  1. Establish deeper relationships with clinicians through recording contact information and following up with future correspondence and project updates. This will be collected in the clinic data spreadsheet. 

  2. Collate and analyse data from focus groups to inform MVP development 

Important Documents:

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