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[Revenue Streams] - Fuel Timor-Leste July 2019

Lean phase: Revenue


There is currently one major revenue stream, one supplementary stream and one potential stream available. The contents of this document aims to describe the individual breakdown of these revenue streams, focusing on the prices charged to individual and commercial customers, as well as the different payment methods available.

Current Stage

Currently, the Fugaun Seguru business is at the channel testing stage, with multiple channels being explored and validated. Simultaneously, sales of stoves and brochures are being offered to both individuals and commercial businesses.

Revenue Streams

Fugaun Seguru Stove

Revenue generated via sale of the Fugaun Seguru stove is subject to the following price structure on a per stove basis. This either happens between ourselves or an intern collecting the money, and the customer paying in person.


Fugaun Seguru Stove Price Structure Per Stove




Full upfront



Payment plan (2 months)

$40 : 37.50

$40 : 32.50

Payment plan (3 months)

$30 : 30 : 25


Payment plan (4 months)

$25 : 25 : 22.50 : 15


Payment plan (6 months)

$15 : 15 : 15 : 15 : 15 : 15


Bulk > (10)




Sales pertaining to commercial distributors are subject to the prices detailed in and is planned to follow a restocking process, whereupon depleting stove stock, distributors request and pay for a quantity to be delivered. The per stove delivery fee is included in the final amount payable by the business or individual.


Fugaun Seguru “How-to” Brochure

Fugaun Seguru “How-to” Brochures are distributed subject to a $5 price per brochure for individuals. When dealing with businesses, a brochure is provided with each stove and extras can be bought for $1 each. Brochures are distributed when engaging with interested individuals or businesses.


Revenue Generation Process

The planned process through which revenue will be generated is as depicted below.


Next moves

As stoves are distributed and utility testing takes place, sale of the inner chamber as a supplementary revenue stream can be explored and tested. When this revenue stream can be explored will largely depend on the lifespan of the inner chamber and price testing by future teams.

Once stoves are sold and distributed, the next stage is then to identify and measure the key metrics pertaining to utility testing in order to validate the actual performance of our stove.

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