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[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - District Assessment of Food Accessibility: Utility Testing - December 2019

Lean Phase: Utility Testing

Assumption: Nutritionists in each of the 28 districts in Malawi will provide information on the types of food specifically available in their district.

Time Box: December Week 1-2 

Purpose: To obtain district-specific information regarding food accessibility in order to ensure USTAWI is a more district tailored application. 

Success Metric: Obtain information on each food listed in the app from nutritionists across different districts. 


Green Light: Assumption is confirmed. Nutritionists provided information on the types of foods available in their region. 
Success point: 60% of Nutritionists have provided information on the specific foods available in their region.
Orange Light: Between 20% and 60% of nutritionists provided information on the specific food available in their region.
Red Light: The experiment contradicts the assumption and no information was gained from each district nutritionist. 
Failure Point: 0% - 20% of nutritionists provided information on their specific food available in their region

Experiment build:

  1. Use the revised food list provided by the July team.

  2. Write up a new survey for nutritionists about the accessibility of foods within their specific district based on this list.

  3. Reach out to list of nutritionist contacts provided by Edward (

  4. Set up meetings with nutritionists. 

  5. For all nutritionists that cannot be met with, reach out and request to send surveys over email to be filled out. 

  6. Victory.

  7. Compile all data into a new results document in the Hidden Hunger Drive. Place food information under each district. 

  8. Analyse results.

  9. Write up Experiments Results Post and upload to Crowdicity.


  • The main focus of these surveys is the question “Is this food available in your district?”
  •  Follow up questions should be centred around price, seasonality and ease of access of each food that is confirmed to be available in each district.

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