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[Project Summary]: Microfinance II Malawi July 2019

The July Microfinance II Team focused on determining the viability of PEV loaning to village banks in Malawi. To achieve this, we focused on three key goals: profiling, diversifying risk and transactions. Our profiling goal involved meeting with village banks to discuss their operational procedures, which includes collateral requirements, interest rates and capacity to loan. The team developed interview questions that focused on understanding how the village bank operates, the systems they use to record data, how they enforce repayments, what interest rates they charge and their default rates. Once receiving the answers to these questions, we completed a profiling template that collated all the data into one central location. In addition to this, we profiled village banks using information that had been gathered by previous SoCon teams. In total, we successfully profiled 15 banks in the Blantyre region.


Our goal of diversifying risk focused on developing a risk criteria based on the key metrics of interest rates, default rates, requirements to join village banks and the incentive to repay loans. From this point, we offered tested to village banks. This involved interviewing village banks to ask if they have inadequate capital and would therefore be interested in receiving a loan. The risk criteria that we developed enabled us to conduct an on the spot analysis during meetings to determine if moving forward to this offer test was appropriate in terms of diversifying our portfolio. 


From this point, the Microfinance II Team focused on the goal of transactions. This primarily involved currency testing to village banks, which was a multi-faceted process. From our profiling and offer test stages, we determined which village banks would be most suitable to ask to share their accounting information and customer data. Our team developed a financial valuation model on Excel to analyse the accounting procedures and books of village banks, which enabled us to ascertain the adequacy of accounting systems, the level of capital and the overall level of risk. From this point, we determined two village banks to offer a loan to. A loan contract was created, which included the condition that village banks must regularly submit their accounting procedures via a Google Survey on a smartphone. These two contracts were signed and the village banks were educated on how to digitally submit their accounting procedures, enabling for tracking to occur from Australia from July to December. 

Attached is the Project Handover Summary.

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Currency Test

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