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[Project Summary]: ERS Timor July 2019

July 2019 was a challenging yet productive month for ERS in Timor-Leste! The team altered the previous collection service and successfully coordinated a one-off trial collection service to ten local businesses. Additionally, the team created and introduced a recycling workshop for participating businesses and their employee. Client feedback from this trial was collected to help create and optimise ERS’s future ongoing collection service.

Avenues for repurposing were explored by the July 2019 team, although this continued to be a challenging task given Timor's economic and industrial environment. ERS delivered collected waste from the trial service to Caltech. Small local businesses were also contacted in regard to smaller scale repurposing avenues.

The team gathered useful data by conducting currency testing on the customer segment of hotels and restaurants, gathering feedback from the trial service, surveying the general population in Australia, surveying tourists/expats in Dili and offer testing to engineering and construction companies.

Attached is the handover document from July 2019! 

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Lucy Preiss 6 months ago

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Mitch Wagner 6 months ago

I work for a large paper shredding and recycling company based out of Pittsburgh. Our company has also produced plastic recycling equipment in the past, but the market dwindled so we got out of it. I have been to this beautiful country before when I was with the Marines and I fell in love, Id love to help but have no one to get in contact with, my email is

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