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Experiment Results

[Experiment Results]: Value of Trial Run

Original Experiment

Lean Phase: 




  • That we are able to provide a service equivalent to our trial run, weekly.

  • That Participants in the trial service would be willing to pay for a weekly collection service


  • In terms of satisfaction with the service, 70% of participants in the trial run were completely satisfied with the service, with no participants being unhappy.

  • When asked if they would like to sign up to a regular service, all participants said they would like a regular service, with some noting that further negotiations on price, capacity, frequency should be explored

Validated Learning:

The trial feedback confirmed that we had provided a satisfying service to our customers, and that there is a desire for a consistent recycling collection service. We also found that recommendation via word of mouth were the most effective way of finding new customers.

Next Move:

Determine an appropriate framework for the launch of a weekly collection service, and approach early adopter customers with the service.

Continue reaching out to previously contacted and interested businesses.

Conduct additional offer testing to additional customer segments to try and expand the service to new markets.


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