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[Proposed Experiment]: Channels - Agents Can Process Sales and Repayments Digitally - Solar Malawi July 2019

Lean phase: 




Background information: 


Agents have received training in payment processing systems when they signed up. As part of this training they were shown how to use the Agent Input Form which is what Solar Consulting will be using to complete initial sales administration and keeping track of finance repayments.


This experiment is a subset of the Airtel Agent, Teacher, Chief and Barbershop experiments.




Agents are able to effectively process sales documentation and repayments digitally


Time Box: One week


Success Metric:

Percentage of sales and repayments being correctly entered through the Agent Input Form




Green Light: 

Training is sufficient and should be continued in this manner


Success point: 100% of agents correctly using the agent input form correctly for every sale and repayment. 


Orange Light:

Re-examine the agent processing payment SOP to be more user friendly, get feedback from agents that are having issues to address their problems directly. Provide refresher training to agents that are failing to use the agent input form or using it incorrectly. 


Failure point: 50% of agents not using agent input form or using it incorrectly


Red Light:

Investigate the main causes of agents failing to use the Agent Input Form correctly. Re-examine the way that agents are trained to input information. Adjust the training materials accordingly and provide more support to the agents. Consider reformatting the google form and re-evaluating if agents are capable of using the form. 


Experiment Build

  1.  Investigate data received through the Agent Input Form.

  2. Compare this data with received payments.

  3. Note any sales data received through other channels (WhatsApp etc.).

  4. Calculate percentage of agents using the form and using it correctly.

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