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[Experiment Results - Partial]: Channels - Chiefs as a low-cost distribution channel Malawi July 2019

Experiment Update:


Lean Phase: Channels

The purpose of this experiment was to test the viability of using Chiefs as agents to sell solar products in the Blantyre area. This experiment has been conducted for 3 weeks in the village of chemussa and as discussed below achieved green light. 


Original Assumption

Village Chiefs are more effective at tracking and chasing their community member’s payments. They are also able to effectively sell the products to their community members on a commission scheme.


Results: Green Light

Original Success Point : Greater than 10 sales and greater than 90% repayment for those on a payment plan.


Current Status (22/07/2019):

  • At the 3 week stage the experiment has surpassed green light for one key success metric(Number of sales). Chief chemussa has currently totaled 22 sales including 3 upfront payments and 19 on payment plans.
  • For the success rate of the payments plans there is currently not enough data as customers are still in the first month of purchase. In December this will have to be analysed to determine the percentage of repayments.

Validated Learning

Currently the key points of validated learning are:

  • Chief Chemussa is able to effectively make sales and collect deposits.
  • From feedback Chief Chemussa is currently happy with the current commission structure. This has been reaffirmed in July as Roy was able to establish 2 additional chiefs to act as Agents (Chief DC Lundu and Chief Kampala)
  • A centralized distribution method is much more effective than community meetings as the customers are able to plan more effectively to produce the money required for a deposit.
  • The cost of commissions is significantly less than the time and monetary cost of the logistics surrounding setting up individual community meetings.
  • Village Chiefs are receptive to operating as an agent to provide solar to there villages.

Next Move

  • Chiefs to be used as a distribution channel by a GM while PEV is not in the country.
  • As the experiment is currently heading in a successful Continue to approach new chiefs.
  • Continue to monitor the rate of sales and rate of repayments, once a valid rate of repayments can be established the experimental results can be finalised.
  • Improve amount of digital payments - possibly requires additional training for Chief Chemussa on data collection procedures. Currently Chief Chemussa is accepting cash payments which then need to be collected by a member of PEV.

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