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[Project Summary] SoCon 1 and 2 Fiji July 2019

In July 2019, SoCon 1 and 2 broke new ground by doing extensive work on validating the problem and customer segment on the Financial Institutions (FIs) side as well as the Individual Small Business Owners side. This was then followed by offer testing the UVP of SoCon as a future solution and also prototyping a minimum viable product (MVP). 


SoCon 1, was focused on empathising with individuals, more specifically empathising with small and medium enterprise owners (SMEs). The team in July interviewed 63 SMEs and identified 33.3% of these as potential early adopters. 3 of the early adopter villages were revisited in the month and introduced to our MVP. 


SoCon 2, on the other hand, firstly focused on finding out the specific requirements for personal and business loans. SoCon 2 managed to interview 11 of the largest and most popular FIs in Fiji. Following this, SoCon 2 offer tested 7 of these banks and all 7 responded positively to our offer test. Lastly, we went about collecting feedback from FIs about our MVP. 


Overall, the month of July was an overwhelming success for both SoCon teams. This month resulted in a validated problem, customer segment, UVP of the lean canvas and proposing a solution for the Summer project months. 

Please find the Project Summary attached below. 

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