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[Experiment Results]: Channels – Headmen Loaning System – Fuel Fiji July 2019

Experiment design post:

Headmen loaning system

Lean phase:



Headmen are an effective distribution channel for Buka 4.0 stoves


Orange light

Three headmen from Votualalai, Namada and Cuvu Tore were loaned 1-3 stoves each over a timebox of 1.5 weeks to assess whether any sales or EOIs could be generated while having the stoves present. 

An orange light was reached since one sale was made but the success point was not reached.

Validated learning: 

Headmen were willing to pitch and sell stoves on behalf of PEV to those in villages. However, they were not trained to deal with objections very well which discouraged them from pursuing more sales. 

An example of this was the headman of Votualalai (Willie), who was unable to sell the stoves although villagers expressed interest in the Buka Stove during village visits. The objections presented were that the opening of the stoves was too small and the price was too high. Other village headman such as Kaliova from Kabisi did not want to receive stoves on loan, due to safety, security and cultural reasons. The right-hand man of Kelemedi (Mac) was however able to sell stoves through the loaning system because he was able to overcome objections.

Next move: 

Due to time constraints and lack of personalised training, the experiment did not achieve the result that was expected. However, the loaning experiment should still be considered in the future, based on Mac (Namada village) selling a stove within a day of loaning, and Votualalai still showing interest in the stove despite objections. It shows that having the product physically present generates more interest. Therefore future teams should increase the length of loan period to at least 2 weeks, so EOIs are able to generate sales. In addition to this, adequate training should be provided to any headman who wish to continue in providing stoves to their fellow villagers. 


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