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[Experiment Results]: Offer Testing Construction Companies - Waste Timor-Leste July 2019.

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This experiment focused on validating that construction companies had a problem with their waste management. 


Experiment post:


Lean Phase: Problem 


Assumption: Construction companies have metal, paper, cardboard and plastic waste and they are actively seeking for a solution to manage their waste. 



8 companies were surveyed and it was found that 50% of them produce paper and metal waste, 75% produce plastic waste, 37.5% produce cardboard waste and 12.5% produce glass waste. 


57.1% had not considered to manage their waste differently whilst 28.6% had. 14.3% had neighbour complained about the waste piling up. 


Where waste was collected, 85.7% had their waste collected weekly and 14.3% experienced an unreliable service.


If we offered a reliable and sustainable collection service 50% are interested, 37.5% might be interested and 12.5% are not interested. 


The major pain point for construction was plastics in the ocean (40%), followed by waste on streets (20%), burning waste (20%), and waste piling up (20%)or all of the above (20%). 


A green light was achieved as 100% of the companies think there is a problem with waste management, exceeding the success metrics of 30%. 


 A red light was achieved for companies who were actively looking for a solution because only 28.6% of the companies had considered to manage their waste differently.  


Validated Learning:

The date confirm that construction companies produce metal, paper, plastic, and cardboard wastes. Through their major pain points and their current waste management, it validates that the construction companies have a problem. 


Next Move: 

Further survey about the problem needs to be conducted to determine whether the construction companies are seeking for a solution to see if they are interested in our UVP. 



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