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[WORK UPDATE] Fijian Hotels and Resorts CSRs

I conducted the following online research on CSR funds, community initiatives that could apply to any PEV projects in Fiji.



All big chain hotels have large CSR funds. They also often give out grants and support to many initiatives and projects that contribute to or encourage sustainable tourism. e.g. Hilton Fiji Resort and Spa

Medium to small resorts all seem to have a passion for helping the community around them as they mostly do operate in villages. This entails projects such as building schools in their local village or employing locals in their business. Additionally, I found that there is both local demand and demand from visitors for organic and locally-grown produce and food.

Lastly, almost all of these resorts highly value recycling and having a clean surrounding. 


Based on the information above it seems that the most suitable project to most of these resorts and retreats is Waste Management, with FarmEd being the second most suitable. 

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