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[Experiment Results]: Channels - Retailers - Fuel Hiji July 2019

Experiment Design Post:


Lean Phase:

Distribution Channels



Target market is willing to purchase a stove from a retailer following lead generation activities.

For the purpose of this experiment, lead generation activity is defined as:

  • Facebook engagement 

  • Posters posted up on stores around Sigatoka 

  • Flyers distributed by Natasha in the Sigatoka market stall


It was found that the target market does not go to retailers with the intention of purchasing stoves. Upon visiting the retailers, the retailers lacked a display for the stove and were not knowledgeable on its benefits.

Red light

Number of stoves purchased by customers following lead generation activities:

Activity of each retailer can be found here:

Activity of each lead generation activity can be found here:
However there were no sales produced as a result of lead generation activities during July.

Validated Learning:

While we did not meet the success point, it highlighted the sensitivity of time on the effectiveness of lead generation activities to translate into stove sales. It was found that many posters placed around Sigatoka were removed only a few days after they were placed. This limited the effectiveness of the posters and may have explained why there was no customers asking about the stoves to retailers. However the retailer at B. L. Naidu agreed to improve the display of the stove and move it to a location where many customers would walk past it. Both retailers were receptive to continue displaying these posters and take down customer feedback of the stove upon purchase.

Next Move:

Retailers are still a viable distribution channel despite the lack of sales generated in July. The difficulty in generating sales as a result of lead generation activities within a short time period was noted. Given that many posters were removed, a different strategy for the posters should be considered such as placing these posters inside the store rather than outside where it can be easily removed.

The next team should continue to build rapport with the retailers as it would be ideal to evaluate retailer activity over successive months to validate the effectiveness of lead generation activities. Additionally it would be beneficial to ensure that the retailer changes how the stove is being displayed in store.

If the lead generation activities are successful, retailers may be inclined to stock more stoves and re-evaluate their MOUs. Due to more traction of the stoves initiated by lead generation, retailers are willing to decrease their markup and incentivise customers in purchasing. Given the effectiveness of lead generation activities, it would be worthwhile to pursue additional retailers to act as stockists for the stove.

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