Project Everest

Adopted Experiment

[Proposed Experiment]: Channels - Sales Agents (Promotion) - Fuel Timor Leste December 2019

Lean Phase: Channels

Assumption: Hardware, supermarkets and Kiosks are a viable distribution channel for the Seguru Stove.

Time Box: 4 months between July and December projects.

Key Metrics: Number of stoves sold/Stoves ordered

Success Points

Green Light Proceed:

- Sorti Foun, Mira Mar Hardware, Vinod Patel are validated as a distribution channel due to a high level of interest displayed towards the stove. This results in them selling the stove and ordering more as well as engagement with the PEV stove online presence.
- Pursue a partnership with Sorti Foun, Mira Mar Hardware, Vinod Patel to regularly stock and sell stoves.

Success Point: Stove is sold and 10 more are ordered

Orange Light Optimise:

- Empathise with customers to gather data on what impacts their ability to purchase stoves from Sorti Foun, Mira Mar Hardware, Vinod Patel.
- Empathise with staff and management to gather feedback on their experiences engaging with consumers on the stove and discuss what needs to be improved.

Failure Point: Stove is not sold and no more stoves are ordered

Red Light Failure:

- Re-evaluate considered options for distributors and retailers, conduct further primary and secondary research with new findings into other options. Look into other possible distribution channels.
- Empathise with employees to understand customers as well as their understanding towards why the product failed to attract interest.

Experiment Build:

  1. Write a contract explaining that they can stock the stove for free but if they sell it they owe us $70 when we return and they can order more in the meantime.
  2. Engage with Sorti Foun, Mira Mar Hardware, Vinod Patel and place a Fugaun Seguru in their store on a promotional basis, along with the promotional/marketing material with direction to our Facebook page.
  3. Train the staff on the product so they are familiar and able to promote it effectively. Also supply them with a manual explaining all the information about the stove.
  4. If necessary, order stoves to be manufactured and delivered to them before arriving for December project.
  5. Empathise with the staff to obtain any observations they had with the promotion in December.

All three stores are very keen to be involved and understood the nature of the PEV operations.

The stove will be taken to the location on the final day of the July project, and the experiment will begin from there. The July team leader Lachlan McMillan will be the primary point of contact for said stores over the next four months, via email.

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