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Proposed Experiment

[Proposed Experiment]: Waste Fiji December 2019 - Solution

Lean Phase: Solution 

Purpose: To understand the viability of an ideated waste management solution that sees: PEV operate as an organisational and connecting body between the large amounts of recyclable waste that currently ends up in landfills and recycling processing centres, allowing more waste to be responsibly and sustainably disposed of. 

Assumption: There are recycling processing centres currently in operation on Viti Levu that are interested in expanding their operations and being connected with larger amounts of recyclable waste, and have the infrastructure to be able to support this. 

Time Box: 2 weeks 

Key Metrics: Number of recycling processing centres identified on Viti Levu that have the interest and ability to responsibly process increased quantities of recyclable waste. 

Green Light - Establish strong stakeholder relationships with identified recycling processing centres for future partnership. Further understand the nature of their operations. Continue conducting UVP offer tests and currency offer tests with rural coastal households/businesses to develop an MVP.  

Success point - 3 or more recycling services interviewed have the infrastructure and interest to expand their services. 

Orange Light - 1 of the recycling services interviewed has the infrastructure and interest to expand their services. 

Failure Point - None of the recycling services interviewed have the infrastructure and interest to expand their services. 

Red Light - Re-ideate solution. Consider the opportunity that lies in the waste reduction space.

Experiment build: 

  1. Refer to WMC July 2019’s Research Report to identify recycling services currently in operation on Viti Levu. Conduct further research to identify other recycling services on Viti Levu and their processing methods. 

  2. Create contact with recycling services and conduct interviews to understand how and where they currently process recyclables. Explore whether these recycling services are interested in expanding their reach and the amount of recyclables they process, and any blocks they have experienced in previous attempts to do so. Record these blocks to assist in the future development of a UVP. 

  3. Analyse data 

  4. Determine the viability of PEV providing a service that connects existing services with greater amounts of recyclable waste 

  5. Continue strong stakeholder relationships with interested and able services. 

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