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[Proposed Experiment] Utility Test: Effectiveness of MVP (Case Study 3/3) - December Fiji 2019


Lean Phase: Solution 

This experiment is a follow up of the 6-month case study which can be found here:

Assumption: A tech based budgeting and financial system helps people grow and diversify your business 

Time Box: 4 Weeks

Success Metric: % of people that achieve their one-month business/savings goal



Green Light: Continue to develop the MVP and go on to utility test any new features. 

Success Point: 70% of people that achieve their one-month business goal.

Orange Light: Iterate features to make the MVP more effective using user feedback.

Failure Point: 30% of people that achieve their one-month business goal.

Red Light: Understand the reasons a tech-based solution is not feasible and redevelop the MVP to address this. 

Experiment Build:

  1. Distribute the MVP to SMEs in villages 

  2. Monitor the use of the MVP by looking at the data inputted into the spreadsheet 

  3. Use the ‘Savings Tracker’ sheet to monitor if people are meeting their savings goals entered at the start of the month 

  4. Conduct follow up meetings to get feedback about the MVP

  5. Collate results 

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