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[Experiment Results]: Solutions - Solution Testing - FarmEd Fiji July 2019

Alex Cain
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Alex Cain | 6 months ago | in FarmEd - Fiji


Lean Phase: Solution (sales / early adopters)

Assumption: Farmers are actively seeking solutions and advice related to the core pest and disease function of the app



Key Outcomes: This experiment surveyed a total of 60 people from 10 villages, to determine whether farmers are actively seeking solutions and advice related to the core Pest and Disease function of the app.


Time Frame: 2 weeks

Success point: More than 60% of farmers ask questions related to the core Pest and Disease function

Orange Light range: 30-60% of farmers ask questions related to the core P/D function

Failure point: Less than 30% of farmers ask questions relevant to the core P/D function of the app


Summary of results:

  • Number of questions received: 24
  • Number of farmers submitting questions: 18
  • Number of questions that related to the P/D function from app users: 21
  • Percentage of questions that related to P/D from app users: 95.45%

There were also farmers who sent questions to us via Facebook, these farmers had previously met with FarmEd in Feb and rediscovered us through promotional posts. These farmers hadn’t bought the app but still had an interest in the solution our service provided. 

  • Facebook questions received from non purchasers: 2
  • Percentage of questions that related to P/D from non app users: 50%


The raw data can be found here: .

A summary of our results can be found here:


Validated Learning: The experiment achieved a green light outcome with 95.45% of farmers submitting questions related to the Pests and Diseases function of the app. It is important to note that many of the questions (79.2%) were submitted with assistance from FarmEd as app users were experiencing a number of utility blocks. This assistance sped up the experiment so that we could complete it within the specified time. FarmEd sometimes provided prompts to help farmers choose a question to submit, or conducted demonstrations to take the farmer through the entire process. This may have biased the results, leading to a higher saturation of questions related to the P/D function than if the farmers independently sent questions. However, this assistance does not invalidate the experiment as farmers had genuine issues with pests and diseases and sought a solution for them.

There were 2 farmers who contacted us through Facebook that had been in contact with FarmEd from previous months. One of the farmers asked a question related to the core function of the app, while the other asked a question related to irrigation. Given the small sample size in this communication channel we can’t make any clear conclusions, however it warrants further testing as it is a significantly less bias method of data collection.     


Next move:

Given the relatively small number of customers that reached the question submission stage of the experiment (n=18), the results are not conclusive. In the future, repeating the experiment over a longer timeframe to give more farmers a chance to submit questions could provide more reliable results. 

The results indicate that some farmers have an interest in at least the one additional function of irrigation recommendations. However, given the low percentage of questions submitted related to these functions, the results are not conclusive. Further solution testing is needed on additional functions for the app, previous FarmEd teams have examined this area and their results can be used as a starting point. 

It would also be worth exploring the priorities of farmers who independently sent questions to the facebook page. These farmers who have not had direct contact with the FarmEd team may potentially have a need for other functions within the app. 

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