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[Experiment Result]: Offer Test: Verifying Village Banks’ Requirement for Loans - July 2019

Experiment Design Post:

Lean Phase: UVP

Assumption: Village banks risk profiled are willing to meet with PEV, and are open to receive a loan from PEV.

Results: The Microfinance II Team successfully offer tested 6 banks. It was determined that all 6 of these banks have an insufficient amount of capital and that members would like greater access to loans. 

Validated Learning: Our results meet our hypothesis as we successfully offered tested six village banks. This occurred based on our learnings and success in Offer Test 1. These six village banks identified that they required additional capital to meet the demand of members for a loan, and that they would be interested in receiving a loan from PEV. 

The results of this experiment enables the Microfinance II Team to move forward to determine which village banks would be most suitable to currency test. 

Next Move: The next experiment to be conducted is Currency Testing.

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